Compositions are a very powerful way to improve your photos and it is something you can learn. Finding a composition is not only about seeing, but also about analysing a scene and deciding how to photograph it best. In the workshop I help you make better use of the 'rules of compostion' like the rule of thirds and leading lines, but also to step away from these 'rules' and find your own way in composing.
Hands on learning
The workshop takes 1,5 hours and is set up in such a way that you build up your knowledge while photographing. I'm a fan of learning by doing, so from the first moment on you are working hands on with your camera. We will be using the 50 steps method as shown in the video below to practice. After taking 50 steps we will look for compositions and discuss on the compostions. After the 2 hours you will have a basic understanding of the rules of composition and how to work with them. After the workshop it's up to you to just keep on practising and improving.

The workshop can be given either in Dutch or in English.

Practicing compostions can be done everywhere. A special location is not needed, but composition hunting is easier in some places than in others. Together we will look for a location that is at a reasonable distance for both of us.

The workshop costs €150,- and can be paid through a Tikkie, cash or bank transfer.

How to book
Please fill in the form below and let me know your preferred date and time for the workshop. I will get back to you as soon as possible to plan the workshop.

Jeroen van Ittersum
We spent a very enjoyable afternoon practicing compositions in a local woodland.
Peter has a keen eye for what makes a good composition, we learned a lot from him in only a couple of hours. And most importantly, we had a lot of fun!

Marcel Hendriks
After a long drive Peter welcomed me and introduced himself, after this we went straight for the dunes and the sea. We were looking for a composition for a long expsure shot, which we found quickly between the poles of a wave breaker. We discussed the best settings and composition and made the photograph. After this we found different compositions and photographed different shades of sand on the beach. After a good walk with multiple photos we returned to the car. Thanks for the workshop Peter, I learned a lot from it.
Thank you!

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